Harmonizing Ireland: Gigstarter Hits the Stage in the Emerald Isle!

By The Gigstarter Team

In the vibrant music scene of Ireland, a new sound is set to echo through the streets. Gigstarter, the dynamic live music marketplace, is ready to make its grand entrance onto the Irish stage, bringing with it a symphony of opportunities for both independent musicians and music enthusiasts.

Unveiling the Platform

Gigstarter is not just simply a platform; it's a harmonious ecosystem that connects talented musicians with event organisers. From living rooms to the main stage on international festivals. With our presence in various countries, the platform is ready to weave its magic in the rich cultural landscape of Ireland. Entering our 10th active country, 2024 promises to be an extraordinary year for live music.

A Gateway for Musicians

For Irish musicians, Gigstarter opens a gateway to a broader audience and opportunities to get booked. The platform allows artists to showcase their talent through personal creative profiles, and directly connect with event organisers searching for the perfect act to match their event. Whether it's in a lively pub, an outdoor festival, or an intimate acoustic session, Gigstarter empowers independent musicians to boost their musical career.

irish pub celebrationCelebrating in a typical Irish pub

Elevating Event Experiences: The Pulse of Live Music in Ireland

On the other side, all types of event organisers gain access to a diverse database of musical talent, simplifying the process of finding the ideal musicians for their events. Gigstarter's user-friendly interface, coupled with a strong screening process, ensures that small and big organisers can discover and book acts that perfectly align with the ambiance they seek to create. Although we just launched our platform here, we cannot wait to give a warm welcome to all the independent Irish artists. From the lively pubs of Dublin to the serene landscapes of the countryside, Gigstarter aims to amplify the melodies that reverberate across the island.

Join the Melodic Journey

As Gigstarter takes center stage in Ireland, musicians, bookers, and music enthusiasts are invited to join this melodic journey. Whether you're a solo artist seeking a platform to shine or an event organiser in search of the perfect sound, Gigstarter is here to orchestrate unforgettable musical experiences. Get even more out of our platform with our PRO membership where you get even more opportunities to get booked by being invited for open calls. You can read more about our memberships and all the benefits that come along with the membership.

Get ready, Ireland. The stage is set, the lights are dimming, and Gigstarter is about to strike the first chord in a symphony of live music that will resonate across the Emerald Isle. Let the harmony begin!

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