For Local Gigs

Basic profile


  • Manage up to 1 profile
  • Respond to booking-requests
  • Reviews on profile
  • Concert agenda on profile
  • Contact via chat
  • Sign up for free

For More Gigs

PRO artist

€12,95 /month

  • All basic features
  • Manage up to 5 profiles
  • Respond to open calls
  • Contact details shown
  • Concert-agenda on homepage
  • Extra videos on profile
  • Extra reviews on profile
  • Become PRO

For International Visibility

PRO+ artist

Starting at €28.45 /month

  • All PRO features
  • Manage unlimited profiles
  • Display profiles internationally
  • Respond to international calls
  • Manager/agency add-ons
  • Become PRO+

Why become a Gigstarter PRO member?

Do you want to perform more often? As a PRO member you get access to all elements of the Gigstarter booking environment, leading to a professional presentation and (inter)national performance opportunities. On average PRO artists get booked three times more often when compared to non-PRO artists.

Increase your chances of getting booked

You'll be able to respond to open calls and you'll be the first in line when Gigstarter is asked to organise an event. Our numbers show that PRO artists get booked three times more often in comparison to artists with a Basic profile.

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Respond to open calls

The call is a service for bookers which helps them to find available and suitable artists for their event. The Gigstarter team connects the calls to suitable PRO artists, who can then respond to the invitation.

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Use your profile as a business card

You can add extra videos, photos and you can collect extra reviews from bookers. With this improved profile you can give future bookers an even better impression of what your show is like. Furthermore, you can make up to five distinctive profiles for all your acts.

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Get extra promotion

Your public gigs can be shown on Gigstarter’s homepage. Through social media and our newsletters, community managers devote special attention to PROs. You'll be on the radar of gate-keepers in the local and international music business.

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Go international with PRO+

PRO+ offers a range of solutions for artists and managers with international ambitions. Expand your network and display various profiles in Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy and Austria. Starting at 3 artist profiles, as a manager/agent you can create a business profile showing your full roster. Manage, organise and promote all bookings with Gigstarter’s in-the-cloud booking software.

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